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2024                                           Winners

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2024 Drive for a Cure Winners

      Men's Flight-South Course

          1st Place     Bryan Froning, Craig Mattica, Mike                                           Thomas, Ryan Aldenberg

          2nd Place    Chris Giles, Ron Blair, Jeremy Kurello, and                                Mark Easty

      Mixed Flight-North Course

          1st Place     Kathee Cochrone, Amanda Kondrotas,                                       Damian Kondrotas, Mike O'Grady

          2nd Place   Carolyn Groseclose, Mark Groseclose,                                       Marilyn Connors, Terry Demaret


      Ladies’ Flight-North Course

          1st Place     Kelly McKay, Sandi Buell, Shirley Brown,                               Kim Byle

     Ladies’ Flight-South Course

          1st Place     Melissa Chavez, Teri Flynn, Tanya Dixon,                                 Michelle Beaulieu

      Closest to the Pin-North Course

          #8               Marilyn Connor

          #16             Jackie Brown


       Closest to the Pin-South Course

          #4               Brian McDonald

          #8               Frank Canto

       Closest to the Line

          #4 North     Cathy Ribble

          #12 South   Great Geske





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Winning N women's team.jpg

2024 Women's

Flight Winners - North


2024 Mixed

Flight Winners

2024 Men's Winners.JPG

2024 Men's

Flight Winners

2024 CTL winner.JPG

2024   Closest to the Line

North:  Cathy Ribble (r)

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